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How to Stop Worrying about Quiet Quitting and Turn it into an Opportunity for Growth and Change

This phenomenon represents a risk for the organization, but also an opportunity for growth and change. It might be you who can seize this opportunity.

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A river runs through a forest in the wilderness

The best product mistery

One of the business and market mysteries is: why is this top notch product not successful? An article and a story of redemption for an entire industry that was going to disappear.

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Home page of WeTransfer file transfer services

Why we love WeTransfer

WeTransfer: an excellent example of how to successfully start a new business, bootstrap it, get it profitable, and fuel rapid growth.

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Netatmo weather station business model drawn on the Business Model Canvas.

A clever IoT and data driven Business Model

Netatmo Business Model: how a startup became a world class player in home automation and IoT

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Inditex's business model drawn on the business model canvas

The 16 billion euro business model

Somewhere this Business Model generated  16 billion worth of euros. It’s astonishing.  Which factors made that difference? Read on.

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Cover of the presentation: The Business Model Explained to my Grandmother

The Business Model explained to my Grandmother

What is a Business Model? Why is it important? Explained in a simple and useful way so to better understand the world we live in.

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