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Legal and Terms of Service

Hugowiz Sas di Donelli Ugo Mendes & C. offers you this website at the following terms and conditions. You, as a User of this website, acknowledge having read and understood the terms and conditions ruling the use of the website by using it.


In this website, Hugowiz Sas di Donelli Ugo Mendes & C. offers informations, and examples, and business cases for understanding Business Models, Business Innovation and other topics. The information, the examples and the cases are offered in good faith and are in no way fit for being copied verbatim, because they could be unfit for your specific case and also backfire. Moreover, it is possible that the informations are wrong and suffer involuntary errors. For these reasons and others Hugowiz Sas di Donelli Ugo Mendes & C. is not liable for any consequence, positive or negative, of the use of the information provided with this website.

Copyright ©

The content of this website is subject to national and international laws on intellectual property protection and is Copyright © by Ugo Mendes Donelli, and if not explicitly stated, all the rights are reserved. On the website can be published third party intellectual properties and the correct copyright statement will be published as well.

Contents that can be shared and their licence are explicitly stated.

Don't copy without permission! It's Evil!


We have done our homework and we do our best to keep your data safe and we will delete them when no longer needed for the purpose you sent them to us.
For instance: if you will not answer our email or our contact call, then we will delete your data from our database for ever.

You can contact Hugowiz (the company offering this website) for any inquiry regarding your data.


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You, user of the website, accept that the court for settling any controversy or legal matter is the Court of Milan, Italy.